One Year Later...
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One Year Later...

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A collection of forty three poems with attending images selected from the past year or so's writing....


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One Year Later - Book
  • One Year Later - Book
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This is a full color physical booklet of the ePub book printed on quality silk stock by Foote Printing in Cleveland. The price is $25 which includes mailing and postage.... I will be selling them for $20 at live gigs.... the first printing is only 100 copies... I think they will go quickly.. so do not hesitate....

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Reviews of "One Year Later"

I have enjoyed the poetry and lovely imagery it generates. And like life, there is happiness and joy, as well as tension and uncertainty in this work. And as you might expect, Alex’s unbounded optimism shines through, encouraging hope, love and respect for humanity. The photos are equally engaging, capturing thought provoking images of this wonderful planet we are responsible for. I have enjoyed it much like a cup of tea, or good coffee. Each sip is a pleasure.  -- Steve Madewell

Received mine in the mail and I highly recommend the physical representation rather than the ebook. The beauty of this work is awe-inspiring. I have only had the chance to leaf through this wonderful work of art but it is magnificent. The photos stunning, the lyrics and poetry fitting with the comfort and warmth of a well-loved sweater around a campfire with dearest of friends and a nice bottle. Everything, from the quality of the paper to the quality of the soul who wrote and chronicled the last year, are beyond compare. I cannot recommend this more highly. It is not a book you sit and read, it is somewhere you visit each day with it filling you soul and bringing joy to each and every one of those days. A fantastic Christmas, Holiday, Hannukkah gift for yourself or someone you truly and dearly love! Mr. Bevan has hit a grand slam on this wonderful book! -- Charlie Weiner

Alex, I enjoyed your writings along with the photography in your new book and I wish I would have thought of it first. Your love of the outdoors is exemplified by your choice of photography and when you combine the photography with your gift of writing poetry, it is the perfect match to allow the reader to take this wonderful voyage with you throughout our beautiful country. Please save me a half a dozen copies that I would like to give as Christmas presents... You are so gifted and I know Alaskans will love to experience your photography and poems, one page at a time... Everyone should get a copy of your book for their Christmas tree so all their friends and family can share in this wonderful experience before they sell out... JoeRay Skrha