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2021- One Good Summer!

June 11th - Kosiceck Vineyards 5-8pm

June 13th - Kelley’s Island Casino  2-6pm

June 16th - Solo at Sarah’s Vineyards  6-9pm

June 17th - Mentor Harbor Yacht Club   (private)

June 18th - M Cellars 5-8pm

June 19th - Sarah’s Vineyards Solstice Party 

June 20th - Driftwoond Inn  5-8pm

June 24th - Riverdog with Brent Kirby - details soon!

June 26th - Put in Bay Yacht Club

June 27th - Cleveland Race Week / Edgewater Yacht Club

July 2nd - Driftwood Inn with Austin Walking Cane

July 4th - Pickle Bill’s 5-8pm

July 9th - M Cellars 5-8pm

July 10th - Jenks Building Cuyahoga Falls -5-7 “All These Watersongs”               Listening       Event - ticket info soon!

July 11th - Cain Park Alma Theater 1pm - Arts Weekend with the Band featuring Dave Young on keys, Tommy Dobeck on drums and Leonard DiCosimo on bass.

July 16th - Vermillion Boat Club (private)

July 17th - St. Joe’s Ox Roast 5:30 to 7:30 pm

July 18th - Lakeside YC  - Ruhlman Cup (private) early

July 18th - Driftwood Inn - 5-8pm  (late)

July 23rd - Kelley’s Island Casino 5-8pm

July 25th - Rush Inn with Austin Walking Cane 5-8pm

July 30th - Kosiceck Vineyards 5-8pm

August 1st - Driftwood Inn  5-8pm

August 7th - Independence Home Days 2:30-4:30pm

August 10th - Pickle Bill’s - Jerry Powell’s Celebration of Life!

August 13th - M Cellars - 5-8pm

August 14th - reserved for family event

August 15th - Rush Inn with Austin Walking Cane 5-8pm

August 27th - Beachland Ballroom “All These Watersongs!” Listening Event

August 28th - Kent Stage - reserved

August 29th - St Monica’s Church Picnic

September 3rd - GAR Hall with Brent Kirby

September 4th - Cimperman Private Party

September 5th - Driftwood Inn 5-8pm

September 12th - Lauraldale Live Street Party

September 17th - NorthEast Yacht Club (private)

September 18th - Kosiceck Vineyards 3-6pm

September 19th - Laurello’s Vineyards 2-5pm

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