1. No Truth to Sell         (1971) Big Tree Records
  2. Springboard            (1976) Fiddler's Wynde Records  
  3. The Grand River Lullaby (1978) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  4. Alex Bevan and Friends Live: “Come for to See You...Come for to Sing!” (1980) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  5. Simple Things Done Well (1981) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  6. Tales of the Low Tech Troubadour Vol. 1   (1983) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  7. Best Kept Secrets (1985)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  8. Cuttlefish Live (1986) Normalville Records
  9. Watersongs (1991) Fiddler's Wynde Records 
  10. South Shore Serenade (March 26, 1991) Fiddler's Wynde
  11. Magic Moments from the Children’s Nature Schoolhouse - (1993) Lake Metro-parks
  12. Rules of the Road (March 26, 1998) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  13. All the Rivers Run - Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (1996) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  14. Homework (CD - October 31, 2000) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  15. Connected to the Web (February 24, 2004) Fiddler's Wynde Records
  16. Sweetwater Pete (January 23, 2006) Fiddler's Wynde Records 
  17. Invitation (February 26, 2008) Fiddler's Wynde Records 
  18. Live at the Kent Stage: Dancing With the Muse (November 18, 2008)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  19. Fall & Angels (2008)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  20. Fly Away (2010)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  21. I Have No Wings   (2011)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  22. Dreams Came  (2015)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  23. Boomer (2015)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  24. True Meridian  (2017)  Fiddler's Wynde Records
  25.   Hunkerdown Demos  (2020)  Fiddler's Wynde Records

There are a few additional projects and awards over the years:

  • Cleveland Emmy Award for Post-score of the NBC Documentary “The American Promise” (1987)
  • SeaWorld of Ohio and Florida - Night Whale Show Music, Laser Rock Show, Various Songs for the Seal and Walrus Shows
  • Geauga Lake TV Commercial music for Mills, Hall, Walbourne Agency (numerous ADDY awards)
  • Laketran Radio Ad Campaigns (1992-2000)
  • Lifetime Music Achievement Award (Cleveland Associated Artist Group)
  • Voting member of the Recording Academy (GRAMMY) as and artist, engineer and producer since 2010.
  • “Who Killed the Dragon?” An Environmental Fairytale (1992)
  • “A Child Looks at Christmas Eve”  (2008) a limited release recording with the Tuscawaras Philharmonic and Children’s Chorus directed by Eric Benjamin.
  • Six months of daily live streams beginning in March of 2020 till June 2020 from which came a number of topical, and songs with an activistic call to action.
  • Performances at Parks, The Cleveland Zoo, Benefits for needy causes (Musicians, Food Banks, Environmental Issues, Roots of American Music, Purple Heart Homes, Cleveland Rocks: Present, Past and Future, The DREW Project….. etc.
  • Twenty plus years of performing original Lake Erie themed music at the Boathouse Bar and Grill on Put in Bay
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