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this week’s gigs….

Fri. Nov. 14th - Willowick Am Vets

Sat. Nov. 15th - St. Joe’s Pinot Vista Tasting Room

Set aside the date November 22nd.  It’s a Saturday night and we are putting the band together for a night of old and new music.  Details coming soon… but this will be a great night of  ALEX BEVAN AND FRIENDS at the KENT STAGE!

 and… Thursday, December 4th … in Columbus, Ohio… at Natalie’s Coal Fired PizzaAlex Bevan returns to the capitol of the Buckeye State with forty years of song writing… and pocketfull of stories.

Alex Bevan Website

Alex Bevan is a Emmy winning guitarist, singer, songwriter, poet, radio personality and music producer

living in North Madison, Ohio. He has been actively involved with the music business for over 40 years and

has a wealth of great songs and stories to share.



GIve a listen to songs posted on REVERBNATION

You may have noticed my new sound rig at a live gig.  I recently aquired a LUCID  ULD Mark II speaker from the "Wizards of Slavic Village" at ATS Sounds.  This is one of the most impressive pieces of sound technology I have ever worked with.  It eliminates the need for a floor monitor, covers a 180 degree radius with pristine sound, allows me to sing without compensating for "hot spots" in the sonic image and is extreemly efficient in terms of power usage.  Did I mention it's weatherproof?  I you are thinking of investing in a PA please check these guys out… here's the link…..   http://www.atssounds.com/index.html


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I have no wings..I have no wheels…only these dreams I fasten to my heels…I have no wings…I have no road…only these songs to sing before i go…

© Alex Bevan 2012