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Sat. Feb. 28th - Kosicek Vineyards

Coming to Riverdog:

Saturday March 14 in the Gallery 7:30 pm

Alex Bevan

"Early Rites of Spring"

I am doing the virtual MS Walk again this year and will be walking a mile or two a day (yes, in real time!)… If you would like to support me in this endeavor…. please click the link below…….

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Alex Bevan has been sharing his voice, guitar, music and stories with audiences for more than forty  years.  First known as the "Skinny Little Boy" from Cleveland, Ohio who came to "Chase your wimmin' and drink your beer", Alex has made a name for himself through out the Regional Ohio music scene.

Drawing on his deep skill set of imaginative and honest song writing combined with an agile, improvisational wit that dovetails wonderfully with his flawless guitar slinging, Alex never fails to delight and charm audiences no matter what the venue.

His recordings span the gamut from folk to folk rock and pop to children's educational music.  He has won a number of awards for his commercial efforts in radio and television including an Emmy for his score of the “American Promise - Rustbelt Blues” for WKYC.  Alex's creative works  have also contributed to documentary film scores.

You need to see him to believe him and hear him to know him.

He is truly Ohio's "Great Lakes Bard".

He is also genuinely “LOW TECH and PROUD!”



GIve a listen to songs posted on REVERBNATION

You may have noticed my new sound rig at a live gig.  I recently aquired a LUCID  ULD Mark II speaker from the "Wizards of Slavic Village" at ATS Sounds.  This is one of the most impressive pieces of sound technology I have ever worked with.  It eliminates the need for a floor monitor, covers a 180 degree radius with pristine sound, allows me to sing without compensating for "hot spots" in the sonic image and is extreemly efficient in terms of power usage.  Did I mention it's weatherproof?  I you are thinking of investing in a PA please check these guys out… here's the link…..   http://www.atssounds.com/index.html


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I have no wings..I have no wheels…only these dreams I fasten to my heels…I have no wings…I have no road…only these songs to sing before i go…

© Alex Bevan 2012