Dreams Came 

Chuck Yarborough of the Cleveland Plain Dealer gives DREAMS CAME an A ! !!!!     read it here (click link)

Pickle Bill's 2j

Work continues on the “BOOMER” recording….  more soon…. pre-orders starting in mid Sept.   cheers!

Boomer Crew

Announcing the release of my 22rd recording of songs and music… Here is the third part of the song cycle that started with “Fly Away” and “I Have No Wings”

This collection consists of thirteen songs and is the most intimate of the group. Recorded over the winter, each song is a delicate performance consisting of a single guitar and my voice…. simple and direct… like I was sitting across from you….

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You may have noticed my new sound rig at a live gig.  I recently aquired a LUCID  ULD Mark II speaker from the "Wizards of Slavic Village" at ATS Sounds.  This is one of the most impressive pieces of sound technology I have ever worked with.  It eliminates the need for a floor monitor, covers a 180 degree radius with pristine sound, allows me to sing without compensating for "hot spots" in the sonic image and is extreemly efficient in terms of power usage.  Did I mention it's weatherproof?  I you are thinking of investing in a PA please check these guys out… here's the link…..   http://www.atssounds.com/index.html


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I have no wings..I have no wheels…only these dreams I fasten to my heels…I have no wings…I have no road…only these songs to sing before i go…

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